Friends Of The Library

Meetings are held in the library’s meeting room on the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm.

Next meeting will be Thursday, April 20th at 5:30 pm.

The Friends group helps with many of the library’s special events including a monthly Silent Auction comprised of donated items from the community. They also coordinate 3 large book sales a year. Proceeds from these events continue to help support the library.

Individual dues are $5.00 a year.  Lifetime dues are $50.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Friends of the Library shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries:to stimulate the use of the library’s resources and services; to receive and encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to the library; to support and cooperate with library services and facilities for the community.


  Plant pick-up will be on Saturday, May 6th between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.



Plant Sale



These flowers are sold in 4″ pots @ $5 each

Petunias in red, white, purple and pink

Wave petunias in blue, rose, burgundy star

red salmon, shock pink and purple

Geraniums in red, salmon, hot pink, lavender,

white and orange

                                                        Plant Sale 3Plant Sale 2

10″ hanging baskets  –  $20.00                                                                                          Deco and Patio Pots containing geraniums, spikes,

Geranium in red, pink and purple                                                                                        and vinca vines.  21″ pot – $50     12″ pot – $25.00

Petunia in  red, pink, purple and blue                                                                                   Vegetables:  Tomatoes – Better Boy, Beefsteak

Ivy Geranium in red, salmon, pink, lavender blue                                                                                     Peppers – Red or assorted  $1 per plant, $2 per 4-pack

Mixed will include two or more of the above varieties (our choice)

12″ Mixed Basket –  $22.00

10″  Boston Fern  –  $20.00