(September 2020)

White Fragility – Robin Diangelo

Think Like A Monk – Jay Shetty

You Are Never Alone – Max Lucado


(October 2020)

Hood Feminism – Mikki Kendall

A Crisis Wasted – Reed Hundt

It’s All About Jesus – Randy Alcorn

Annual Recipes 2021 – Taste of Home


(January 2021)

Begin Again: Your Hope and Renewal Start Today – Max Lucado

God Will Help You – Max Lucado


(March 2021)

The Youtube Formula – Derral Eves


(May 2021)

Vibrant –¬†Dr. Stacie Stephenson


(June 2021)

Liquids Till Lunch – MaryRuth Ghiyam

Amish Friends Healthy Options Cookbook – Wanda E. Brunstetter’s



(October 2021)

You Were Made for this Moment –¬† Max Lucado

Amish Friends Baking Cookbook – Wanda E. Brunstetter’s

Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2022 – Taste of Home


(November 2021)

The Age of AI And Our Human Future РHenry Kissinger