Picture Books

Character Education:

(October 2018)

Forgiveness – Julie Murray

Kindness – Julie Murray

Respect – Julie Murray

Responsibility – Julie Murray

Trust – Julie Murray


American Place Puzzlers Series:

(October 2018)

Long and Orange, What Am I? – Kathryn Camisa

Colossal and Concrete, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

Grand and Busy, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

Green and Spiky, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

Historic and Lively, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

Shiny and Soaring, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

Tall and Sleek, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics

White and Majestic, What Am I? – Joyce Markovics



(October 2018)

Aye-Aye – Dawn Bluemel Oldfield

Dik-Dik – Marilyn Brigham 

Matamata – E. Merwin

Hamsters Questions and Answers – Christina Mia Gardeski

Pet Rabbits Questions and Answers – Christina Mia Gardeski



(September 2018)

Basketball  Great Moments, Records and Facts – Teddy Borth



(September 2018)

I Am Neil Armstrong – Brad Meltzer



(September 2018)

Nature Series:

The Story Of Cats

Fox Tales

H Is For Hawk – A New Chapter

Moose – Life Of A Twig Eater

Naledi One Little Elephant

Spy In The Wild 2 – See The World Through Their Eyes



Juvenile Books

Amazing Americans Pop Music Stars:

(October 2018)

Ariana Grande – Jim Gigliotti

Bruno Mars –  Jim Gigliotti

Taylor Swift – K.C. Kelley

Pharrell Williams – K.C. Kelley



(October 2018)

Pet Guinea Pigs Up Close – Brynn Baker



(October 2018)

Baseball Great Moments, Records, and Facts – Teddy Borth

Football Great Moments, Records, and Facts – Teddy Borth

Atlanta Braves – K. C. Kelley



(October 2018)

Rainy Day Crafts & Activities – Jamie Gabriel



(October 2018)

Laugh Out Loud Spooky Jokes For Kids – Rob Elliott

Hockey Jokes, Sports Illustrated Kids –  Blake Hoena