Internet Policies

Melton Public Library



The Internet, as an informational resource, enables the library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection. It allows access to ideas and information from around the world. The Internet is an unregulated medium. As such, while it offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages, the Internet also enables access to material that may be inaccurate, offensive, disturbing or illegal. The library offers filtered access to the Internet but filtering software is imperfect. It is technically impossible to prevent access to all materials that an individual might deem inappropriate. Patrons use the Internet at their own risk.


I understand that:


  1. The use of library computers is a privilege, subject to rules and regulations.
  2. If I am a resident of French Lick or West Baden, I must be a cardholder of Melton Public Library, in good standing, before I can use the Internet. I may not use the computers if I owe $1 or more to the library.
  3. I must sign in at the circulation desk before I use a computer and sign out when I am done.
  4. Staff’s availability for assistance with the computers varies. There may be times that staff is not available for all requested help; or is not able to help at all.
  5. I must stop using the station as soon as requested by staff to do so.
  6. Use of the computers is on a first-come, first-served basis. If I have used the computer for 30 minutes and I stop to allow someone else to use it, I may wait to use it again but if anyone else wishes to use it while I am waiting, that person will be able to use the computer before I get to use it a second time.
  7. Computer hours are from opening to 30 minutes before closing.
  8. 10¢ will be charged for each black and white page printed. Staff can demonstrate how to use the print preview if necessary.
  9. I will obey all local, state and federal laws while using the Internet including but not limited to copyright, software licensing agreements, fraud, obscenity, and privacy legislation. I realize that unauthorized reproduction or use of accessed material may be a criminal offense under the U.S. Copyright Act.
  10. I will not attempt to access another individual or organization’s private files, passwords or data (“hacking”).
  11. If I am a minor, I will not reveal personal information about myself or anyone else while online.
  12. Chat is not allowed.
  13. I will not engage in any activity that is disruptive to other library users.
  14. I will be considerate in my use of the Internet – I am in a public place where children are frequently present.
  15. I understand that the library assumes no responsibility for damage to a patron’s disks or files while using a library computer.

Persons accessing the library’s wireless network are subject to all aspects of this policy. Failure to use the library computers appropriately may result in revocation of computer privileges and/or criminal prosecution.


Revised & Adopted 6/30/03                                     Latest Revision: 10/14/16